Iron Curtain Trail – EuroVelo 13 Promotional cycling tour, 5 September 2014, Drávasztára – Szentborbás
The South Transdanubian Regional Development Agency – as partner of the Iron Curtain Trail project – organised a promotional cycling tour on the South Transdanubian section of the Iron Curtain Trail, between Drávasztára and Szentborbás.

Interested cyclists (members of Agency staff, county administrations, tourism destination management bodies, water management directorate and the media) were carried by buses from Kaposvár and Pécs to Drávasztára. In the centre of Drávasztára around 40 cyclists left towards Szentborbás (17 km). First part of the tour was completed on recently reconstructed asphalted bicycle route on the Drava dike, while from Felsőszentmárton onwards on low traffic public road. During the cycling participants were given a questionnaire about information on local history, natural and cultural heritage that should be filled in during the tour.

After arrival of the cyclist at the guest house of the Danube-Drava National Park, participants were greeted by Zsolt Tiffán, Member of the Parliament and president of Baranya County, Governmental Commissioner responsible for the Ancient Drava Programme. Mr Tiffán has accented the relevance of cycling tourism as development tool in an isolated rural area as the Ormánság, especially in terms of employment. He also stressed the importance of cross-border cooperation.

Helena Hečimović, representative of the Town of Koprivnica (whose tourism board acts as the partner from Croatia in the ICT project) pointed out that the Drava landscape is unique, with rich natural and cultural heritage that should be utilised and promoted in a cross-border way and all over Europe. Zoltán Pámer, regional coordinator of the Iron Curtain Trail project presented the project’s activities, results achieved so far, also mentioned the parallel ongoing investment projects along the route. The event was covered by several regional media.

After the official part of the event participants had the chance to experience various related leisure activities that may accompany cycling in the Drava area such tasting local food products, canoeing on the Drava river and yoga in nature.