Iron Curtain Trail has been presented at the 10th Touristic Destination Management (TDM) Conference in Tata, Hungary
Project Partner 3, Hungarian Cycling Alliance presented the Iron Curtain Trail with a stand and participation at the 10th conference of the Hungarian Association of Touristic Destination Management, on 17th October 2013.

The stand and trainings offered in Hungary within the Iron Curtain Trail Project generated large interest within the touristic associations and municipalities not only from the regions concerned with the trail, but from several other points of the country.

Maria Csikai, president of the Hungarian Cycling Alliance, also participated in section 2 „Development of the networks of the regional TDM’s” and presented the project for the whole audience of the conference, offering opportunities of connection and cooperation in sustainable tourism for them.

Official page of the conference (Hungarian):

Agenda of the conference, including Hungarian Cycling Alliance at page 2 (Hungarian):