Iron Curtain Trail Project at the Romanian Tourism Fair (spring edition)
The National Institute for Research and Development in Tourism presented the “Iron Curtain Trail” project at the 31 edition of the Romanian Tourism Fair, in the official stand of the National Tourism Authority.

INCDT has disseminated the project’s newsletters, a flyer (containing a brief presentation of the project in Romanian language), as well as the national project leaflet to all the visitors interested in cycle tourism and sustainable mobility.


Having a major importance for the tourism field in Romania, the Romanian Tourism Fair gathers each year, in two editions, the elite specialised companies, from Romania and around the world. 

The Romanian Tourism Fair aims to strengthen the local tourism industry, both by promoting the tourism attraction areas and services in our country, and by organizing seminars designed to raise awareness on the difficulties encountered in this field. 



The spring edition of the Romanian Tourism Fair took place between 13th and 16th of March 2014 in Bucharest and brought together 280 companies from 24 countries like Israel, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Montenegro, Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Austria, Italy, Poland, Cyprus, Serbia, Moldova, Great Britain, Hungary, Jordan, Holland, Czech, China, Morocco, Malaysia and Egypt.