Iron Curtain Trail study tour in Romania
Within 6.2 activity of Work Package 6, the National Institute for Research and Development in Tourism (ERDF PP11, Romania) organised on 20th June 2014 a study tour along the Orșova – Eșelnița – Dubova route, in order to promote the Iron Curtain Trail and to encourage cycling in Romania. This section of the Romanian part of the Iron Curtain Trail has lots of potential for attracting cycle tourists. Located in the Iron Gates area, there is a great concentration of attractions and points of interest along the way.

The group of fifteen cyclists (representatives of cycling associations, public authorities and project partners) followed the Romanian side of the Danube, which is also the natural border between Serbia and Romania. 

The study tour included: 
- cycling from Orșova to Dubova (30 km, medium difficulty).
- visiting the tallest rock sculpture in Europe (an impressive 40 metres high statue representing the Dacian king Decebalus); the 550 year-old Mracuna monastery, built in a picturesque location at the base of a rocky mountain; and the natural treasures of the “Cazanele Mari” (the Big Gorges) and “Cazanele Mici” (the Small Gorges).
- a boat trip on the River Danube, which provided access to the Veterani Cave and the famous Tabula Traiana, which is a commemoration plaque, dating from the Roman times, celebrating the completion of the Trajan’s military route.