Our Partners speak about the Iron Curtain Trail project - NAERDI, Hungary, HU-SI and HU-SRB border areas
The project's imlementation period ended by the end of last year, so we asked our project partners to assess our common work in the last two and a half years. We will publish these short reports during coming weeks on ict13.eu.

Partner’s name: NAERDI

Project manager: Veronika Hogyor

Region: HU-SI and HU-SRB

What was your task in the Iron Curtain Trail project? 

-          survey and action plan on HU-SI and HU-SRB border area

-          sustainable tourism packages on HU-SRB border area

-          international lobby strategy

What is your overall opinion on the project?

The EV13 was effective, efficient project. The two-year international collaboration has utilized a lot of experience in the long run. The cycling and public transport, communications and tourism, tasks and opportunities inherent in their development have been widely published, from the residents of the affected areas to the top decision-makers have achieved the intended target group.

What are the main achievements of the project for your region?

-          a broad base of skills and areas of transport and tourism services.
-          appearance of new communication interfaces.
-          new regional co-operation between local actors.
-          less known areas, providers become aware of (eg. Fabulous weeks)
-          new hiking trails, biking resting

How do you think this project can have a follow-up for your region?

NAERDI is connected several networks, which are responsible for the development of the regions concerned. (LAGs, local communities, civil society). Through them, we monitor the results and initiate the launch of new projects.