National Awareness Raising and Promotional Workshop in Orșova, Mehedinți county, Thursday 19th of June 2014.

Within the 5.4 activity - promotion events-  of Work Package 5, the National Institute for Research and Development in Tourism (ERDF PP11, Romania) organised a National Awareness Raising and Promotional Workshop in Orșova, the Mehedinți county, on Thursday 19th June 2014. 

The purpose of this workshop was to share information and raise awareness of the relevant target groups (central, regional and local authorities, regional development agencies, associations and organisations, private companies, universities, etc. with an active role in the development and promoting of sustainable transport and cycle tourism in Romania) about the growing importance of bicycle tourism, its benefits and regional economic impact, as well as the importance of developing the Iron Curtain Trail – Eurovelo 13. 

The workshop included presentations and interactive discussions on the following topics: Romanian National Cycle Route Network, signposting/marking system in Romania, cycling tourism in Romania - best practices, services available, sustainable public transport connections, Iron Curtain Trail – EuroVelo 13 - project target, objectives, activities, expected results, etc.