Opening ceremony and cycling trip along the Austrian-Hungarian border section of the newest Eurovelo-route, the Iron Curtain Trail
The Hungarian Cycling Alliance, as project partner of the Iron Curtain Trail project, would invites interested visitors to the opening ceremony of the newly signposted Austrian-Hungarian border section, and the following two-days cycling trip along the new section. The cycling trip is followed by a three-days Eurovelo-festival in Szentgotthárd, Hungary, with daily cycling trips to Austria, Slovenia and Hungary and programmes in the afternoons and evenings.

Together with the ICT project partners, West Pannon Ltd., the Hungarian Cycling Alliance and Regionalmanagement Burgenland have developed the itinerary for the route, and with the support of the South East Europe Programme on the Austrian side and with the financial assistance of the respective national ministries in Hungary, the partners will complete the signposting of the Hungarian-Austrian border section by 19th of August 2014, on the 25th anniversary of the Paneuropean Picnic, when they will have an opening ceremony with the following program:

8:50 Participants of the cycling trip arrive at the Memorial with the leadership of Csaba Hende, Minister of Defence in Hungary. 
9:00 speakers go to the stage – the ceremony will be moderated by Mária Csikai (HCA)
9.02 Introductory words by Csaba Hende, Minister of Defence in Hungary
9:05 Speach of Hans Niessl, Governor of Land Burgenland
9.10 Speach of representative from the Ministry of National Development
9.15 Speach of representatives from the European Parliament and the European Cyclists’ Federation
9.25 - 9.50 Speakers go to the border, where the Minister of National Development and the Governor of Burgenland cut the band beside an EV13-sign.

The cycling trip continues to Möblisch-Balf-Harka to end in Kőszeg for this day, while the second day leads the group to Szentgotthárd, the end of the newly opened section.