Our Partners speak about the Iron Curtain Trail project - Ekopolis Foundation, Slovakia, Bratislava region
The project's imlementation period ended by the end of last year, so we asked our project partners to assess our common work in the last two and a half years. We will publish these short reports during coming weeks on ict13.eu.

Partner’s name: Ekopolis Foundation

Project manager: Peter Medveď, Ján Roháč

Region: Slovakia, Bratislava region

What was your task in the Iron Curtain Trail project? 
Our main tasks were as follows: 
- showing of a few best practices;
- preparation of the developments and pilot actions - feasibility study to improve combined transportation (cycling and public transport) and feasibility study to improve technical conditions of the route;
- preparation  of the methodology to elaborate offers of sustainable transportation and tourism;
- enhancing of network of cyclists' friendly tourism establishments Vitajte, cyklisti! (Slovak clone of Cyclists Welcome certification);
- finalizing of marking and signposting of the ICT in Slovakia;
- launching of soft tourism and mobility portal www.eurovelo.sk;
- elaboration of the communication plan of the ICT in Slovakia;
- publishing and distribution of printed promotional materials about the ICT (leaflets, brochures, stickers);
- sharing of Slovak ICT experience and learn another one with project partners and stakeholders via international study trips;
- lobbying for cycling and cycle tourism

What is your overall opinion on the project?
The opinion is very good. A mix of results and activities was well balanced to generate real impact on stakeholders and cycling public. A management of the project was also very good. Definitively, this was the most significant EuroVelo project in Slovakia yet and one of the most important projects about connecting of cycling and sustainable public transportation.

What are the main achievements of the project for your region?
The project significantly contributed to further development of the ICT. There are many positive impacts and achievements of the project in Slovakia, for example:
- finalizing of the marking and signposting of the ICT;
- increasing of awareness about the ICT and EuroVelo among cycling public, tourist providers and public administration;
- launching of Slovak national domain of the EuroVelo www.eurovelo.sk;
- valuable contribution to ongoing discussion about combined transportation in the Bratislava region;
- significant contribution to preparing and approval of strategic cycling documents in Slovakia (particularly National Cycling Strategy)
- consolidation of the Ekopolis Foundation's position and importance in Slovak cycling movement.

How do you think this project can have a follow-up for your region?
There are three main follow-up directions which we have to tackle with:
1. To get more and more people in Bratislava region on bicycle thus also on the ICT route.
2. To attract ICT as regional, cross-border and international cycle tourism and recreational route.
3. To improve technical conditions of the route as well as its legal status (particularly unclear ownership of some sections)
(No urgent need to deal with the management of the route as far regional stakeholders are committed to manage the route)

Therefore we further seek for opportunities of follow-up mainly (but not only) in above mentioned areas.