Our Partners speak about the Iron Curtain Trail project - Association of South Western Municipalities, Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad Province
The project's imlementation period ended by the end of last year, so we asked our project partners to assess our common work in the last two and a half years. We will publish these short reports during coming weeks on ict13.eu.

Partner’s name: Association of South Western Municipalities

Project manager: Nadezhda Kukova

Region: NUTS BG 413

What was your task in the Iron Curtain Trail project?

Lobbying and ensuring inclusion of the ICT route in the municipal regional and national strategic documents. Promotion. Participation in the preparation of the National Action Plan. Development of 3 tourist offers related to the route and putting them into circulation on the market.

What is your overall opinion on the project?

Planning and establishment the track of the ICT route that were implemented during the project is a very important step. The use of the potential of cycle tourism and transport for local economic development in Southwest Bulgaria.

What are the main achievements of the project for your region?

The inclusion of the route in the strategic documents and the inclusion of the sustainable mobility as a priority for the economic development in the local communities.

How do you think this project can have a follow-up for your region?

By looking for funding opportunities through the CBC Programmes for the physical establishment of the ICT route - improvement of the pavements, signposting, establishment of coordination centres, establishment of information and communication channels.