Our Partners speak about the Iron Curtain Trail project - National Institute for Research and Development in Tourism, Romania
The project's imlementation period ended by the end of last year, so we asked our project partners to assess our common work in the last two and a half years. We will publish these short reports during coming weeks on ict13.eu.

Partner’s name: National Institute for Research and Development in Tourism, Bucharest, Romania
Project managers:  Cristina Lixăndroiu (September 2012 - February 2013) and Marioara Musteață-Pavel (March 2013 - December 2014) 
What was your task in the Iron Curtain Trail project? 
Our tasks in the Iron Curtain Trail project were:
•         INCDT has identified and presented the 3 best practices along the ICT in Romania;
•         INCDT has realized the National Status Report and the National Action Plan;
•         INCDT has realized the Marketing and Communication Plan;
•         INCDT has realized a combined sustainable tourism offer regarding the sustainable tourism offer Iron Package;
•         INCDT has realized two feasibility studies: (1) Feasibility study to improve the combined (public transport and cycling) services for the entire ICT route in Romania; (2) Feasibility study to improve the route conditions, for the section                 between Orșova and Porțile de Fier (Iron Gates),  containing proposals for the traffic calming reduction and shared lane marking;
•         INCDT has translated and disseminated the newsletters and the press releases of the project;
•         INCDT has prepared and disseminated the official leaflet of the project (in Romanian language);
•         INCDT has organized an National Awareness Raising and Promotional Workshop and A study Tour, in Orșova, Mehedinți County (June 2014);
•         INCDT has organised a Stakeholders consultation meeting for National Action Plan and dissemination meeting (March 2014); 
•         INCDT has presented the ICT project at:

o   the Romanian Tourism Fair, Bucharest (two editions: November 2013 and March 2014) 
o   two workshops organized within TRANSDANUBE project in Reșița, Caraș-Severin County (June 2013, June 2014);
o   the Annual Conference organised by the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme (June 2013, in Bucharest);
o   the fourth CrossTour 2014 (April 2014, Ruse, Bulgaria);

•         INCDT has realized the subsite (www.ict.incdt.ro) connected with ICT's web and with Eurovelo13, according the Eurovelo standards (in Romanian language and in English language).
What is your overall opinion on the project?
This project was a good opportunity for Romania to established new contacts and to gain necessary knowledge about how to manage and develop good solutions for local, regional mobility challenges and to promote sustainable transport (to improve the image of cycling and public transport).
What are the main achievements of the project for your region? 
The main achievements for Romania were:
-          establishing cycling route al Iron Curtain in Romania; 
-          ascertainment a national network for cycling tourism; 
-          Information and awareness raising on the importance of the target group increasingly higher given to bicycle tourism, benefits and regional economic impact thereof, and of developing the Iron Curtain Trail as a route Eurovelo13. 
How do you think this project can have a follow-up for your region?
Based on transnational strategy realized within this project, Romania will be able to start the procedure for implementing the Iron Curtain Trail like Eurovelo 13 at national level.