ICT Events and other activities in Bulgaria organized by Bulgarian Cycling Association, December 2013 and January 2014
The Bulgarian Cycling Association has been active in several fields related to the Iron Curtain Trail cooperating with Regional Authorities of Burgas and Varna, the Trakya Develoment Agency from Turkey and other regional and local actors.

The BCA organized meetings at the municipalities of Burgas and Varna, with the participation of the Regional Authorities of Burgas and Varna for announcing the ICT results up to now, the planned activities for 2014  and the possibility for future development of EuroVelo.  


Related to the above, the following activities will be implemented in January 2014:

  1. Cooperation with Trakya Develoment Agency  for the development of the Turkish section of the ICT that is out of the scope of SEE.  
  2. Preparatory activities to launch ICT as a cultural route.
  3. Preparatory activities for a new border check point at Rezovo on the Black Sea Coast.
  4. Organization of a cycling event on both sides of the border river at Rezovo in June.

More information are available in the following reports, and on http://bulgariancycling.blogspot.hu/: