Study trip along Iron Curtain Trail in Slovakia
Bratislava region was the area of this cycling study trip, organized along Slovak section of the EuroVelo 13 Iron Curtain Trail on April 25, 2014 by ICT project partner Ekopolis Fundation. Participants (total 26 persons) from 4 countries - Hungary, Austria, Czech republic and various regions of Slovakia – were representing project partners and stakeholders of various resorts – from regional development agencies, public transportation companies and private business to transportation experts and NGOs.

The trip was 46 kilometers long along ICT section from Záhorská Ves to Bratislava. Cycling in natural and also urban environment alternated with many stops dedicated to various aspect of the trail management.

Participants learned about marking and signposting of the trail, ownership and maintainance, services and businesses along the trail, natural heritage and its protection, main industries of the region, obstacles and problems of a trail development, the EuroVelo network, the new Cyclebridge of Freedom, the history of the region (bunkers and the Iron Curtain) and many more topics.

Most of participants spent two night in the region what provided good opportinities for ardent discussions, comparisions with region of origin of participants, discussing of new trends and approaches and many more. Generally, the trip was very successful and no doubts it provided inspiration for both - participants as well as organizers.