Study trip along the Iron Curtain Trail in Slovenia
Little less than 30 participants from 6 countries have gathered in Pomurje region for the cycling trip along the Slovenian section of the EuroVelo 13 Iron Curtain Trail.

Participants, most of them were project partners, accompanied by the regional stakeholders, started the study trip in Hodoš, small village next to the Hungarian border, where memories of the former Iron Curtain past are still alive. The Iron Curtain guarding tower is one of them, while stories of the past and ICT’s related development plans were shared with us by the representative of the Hodoš municipality. 
From Hodoš we continued cycling in the beautiful rural area of Pomurje to our next stop, the ╚asar’s mill, where local provider presented us their experiences with the cyclist’s related tourist services. After small refreshment we continued cycling to the Bukovnica lake, well developed regional tourist spot, where Mr. Igor Šoltes, current Slovenian EU Parliament member representative, took the opportunity and welcomed us. We have acquainted him with the ICT project and we believe that another EU parliament member will strongly support further ICT’s project activities and EuroVelo related development actions.
After 36 km of leisure cycling we ended our study trip in Tešanovci. Besides experiencing the actual Iron Curtain Trail route, we finished our trip with lively and instructive discussion where experiences and information regarding the cycling oriented transportation and also regional and tourism development actions were shared among the participants. And finally, we can admit that despite some steep and hard ascents our partnership and friendship is even stronger.