The ICT project was presented at the Annual General Meeting of European Cyclists Federation (ECF) that took place in Bratislava, Slovakia on On 9th of June, 2013
Presentation was held by Giorgos Farfaras, responsible for the implementation of ICT project at the greek project partner ANTIGONE (Information and Documentation Centre on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non–Violence) and administrator of National EuroVelo Coordination Center for Greece.

During the meeting, ICT project was presented to 70 participants from 25 countries. It is worthy to note that during this annual meeting that aparts one of the biggest international conferences of ECF, 12 new members from Holland, Cyprus, Tourkey as well as from Thailand and Australia joined the cyclists family that keeps growing.

The office holder for cycling in Bratislava mr. Michal Feik welcomed the participants to the capital of Slovakia in lieu of the city mayor mr. Milan Ftacnik. While after 1989 and the fall of Iron Curtain in Central and Eastern Europe the general tendency was for the city to use private cars, the current mayor makes change efforts taking steps towards the promotion of cycling. As a first result, bicycle quota noted 50% raise during 2011-2012, reaching 1 to 1,5%.  

International South East Europe (SEE) project “Sustainable mobility along the newest EuroVelo route, the Iron Curtain Trail” funded by South East Europe Programme is being implemented with the support of European Cyclists Federation and the participation of 5 of its member organisations.

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