Transportation and tourism offers along the newest cycling route EuroVelo 13 - Iron Curtain Trail, March 21st 2014
A series of meetings between transportation and tourism entity representatives and Giorgos Farfaras, representative of ANTIGONE for Iron Curtain Trail project, were held in Athens for the development of sustainable tourism and transportation offers under the framework of the project “Iron Curtain Trail: Sustainable mobility along the newest EuroVelo route” of South East Europe Programme (SEE, The project is being implemented in the prefectures of Central and Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

During one of the meetings, Mr. Stathopoulos, the General Secretary of Transports, has been informed on the steps and progress done so far concerning the integration of EuroVelo routes in the network of Inter-European Transportations (TEN-T). Furthermore, the General Secretary of Transports has also been informed on another meeting that had already taken place between Mr. Farfaras and the General Secretary of Public Works Mr. Simopoulos concerning the integration of sustainable transportations and the EuroVelo network in the new programming period 2014-20. Mr Stathopoulos showed particular interest on the network and the routes passing through small or bigger towns as well as their integration in the local cycling networks. Mr Stathopoulos also expressed his interest in cycling education and route safety issues.

What has been discussed with the Special Counsellor of Strategic Planning of TRAINOSE Dr. Athanasopoulos, were the details on the study for the development of combined transport and tourist offers along Iron Curtain Trail cycling route in the region of Kerkini Lake, the thermal baths of Agistro and Roupel fort as well as in Evros region along Ardas river. Furthermore, the discussion involved the participation of TRAINOSE in the study tour that has been planned in the region of Roupel fort for the end of March.

Mr Farfaras also visited the Ministry of Tourism to have a meeting with the director of Tourist Investments and Special Forms of Tourism Mr. Tsimas. Furthermore, he visited the Directorate of International Relations, the EU and Bilateral Relations departments, the Directorate of Tourist Education and the Directorate of Tourist Policy.